Friday, January 31, 2014

Waiting, waiting, waiting

So here we are, beginning of the end:  second semester of senior year.  For some, you have heard from colleges and may even know where you will be headed next fall.  For others, you may be waiting on all the offers and financial letters to make a decision.  Which likely will not happen until late March.  And the buzz is reaching fever pitch.

Unfortunately, some parents view where their child has been accepted as a reflection on parenting skills.  Throw in a little friendly competitiveness, and one can start to fell less than adequate.  How fondly I remember running into a mother whose daughter was a friend of my son's.  Within 60 seconds, unsolicited, I knew where she had been accepted and how much money she had received.  The she asked where was my son going.  I replied we were still deciding.  It was roughly this time of year and we hadn't heard from all the schools.  She looked at me as though I had 3 eyes.  It was great that she was so proud of her daughter, and I know she meant no ill will.

Students also can get a bit frenzied.  Many colleges notified students of acceptance decisions via email.  With all the smart phones out there, this became a very public event as students screamed with joy upon learning the acceptance.  But how about the deferred or rejected student?  It is tough in front of friends when the news is not what a student was hoping for.

What to do?  As much as possible, avoid those conversations and be strong when you say, "we are still deciding", because you are!  In the words of a favorite teacher, "Don't get sucked in"!


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