Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's January and my applications are done!

Yes!  You have made it!  And in some (many) cases, if you applied early, you have heard.  So what to do now?

It is true that scholarships are available year round and the unfortunate reality is most high school seniors are focused on the college applications in the fall and are burned out.
It is also true that most of the scholarship money awarded will come directly from the school or institution.

However, for Oregon students, now is the time to work on your OSAC scholarship application.  OSAC stands for Oregon Student Access Commission.  By completing the profile, you will be matched with scholarships available to Oregon students.

One thing to be aware of:  most of these scholarships will require the FAFSA even though they are merit based.

College Goal Oregon is a group dedicated to helping families complete the FAFSA correctly the first time and have workshops to help.  Check out their site: 

Stay tuned for more information, one of my resolutions is to blog on a regular basis, all things college!

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